The Albion - Clifton, Bristol

Bristol Food and Drink had its origins in the old Bristol Pubs and Bristol Restaurants websites which dated back to 2004.  Whilst amalgamating the two sites in January 2019 the information was extensively checked and revised leading to (amongst other things) a huge archive section covering nearly 15 years of Bristol pub and restaurant history. We hope you like the new site.

Featured are a large selection of current places of refreshment as well as the large archive of images from the past documenting in a small way how things change in the hospitality business in a relatively short space of time.

As you would expect of a long-established port and trading centre, Bristol has many old and quirky pubs and restaurants. The Hole in the Wall was the inspiration for the Spyglass Inn in Treasure Island, the Llandoger Trow and The Hatchet Inn (with its ‘human skin’ covered door) compete for the title of Bristol’s Oldest Pub, and The Rummer was Coleridge’s base for the launch of his magazine The Watchman.